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, Table 3 14 C age (in BP a and cal. BC/AD b ) of soil organic matter (SOM), lipid extract (LE) and isolated miliacin (12) from selected soil samples


, Sample Amount of soil Age 14 C BP a (±1s)

, Cal

, BC (95%) ± 23) 1366-1221 BC (68%) 1386-1195 BC (95%) 4564.AL8 d 145 mg 2072 (± 27) 154-136 BC (11%) 175-36 BC (92%) 114-46 BC (57%) LE Sample Amount of LE Age 14 C BP (±1s) Cal. age 14 C (68%) Cal. age 14 C (95%) 1330.AL6 1.3 mg 2806 (± 28) 996-922 BC (68%) 1044-896 BC (95%) ± 27), pp.6589-6378

C. Bp-;-reimer, BC (95%) 1763.AL2 15 µg 2967 (± 127) 1307-1015 BC (61%) 1461-894 BC (93%) 209 AD (68%) 19 BC-236 AD (95%) a BP: "Before Present" where the year 1950, when nuclear weapons testing changed the 14 C concentration in the atmosphere, is the reference (0 BP); b the radiocarbon content within the atmosphere having varied over time, the calibration atmospheric curve used for the study includes important fluctuations, Anno Domini, vol.14, issue.18, p.410, 2002.

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J. , 1381-1343 BC f (27.0%) 1307-1260 BC (37.6%) 1242-1235 BC (3.6%), Isosawamilletin, vol.13, issue.7, p.203, 2005.

, 2%) 1044-896 BC (95.4%) ± 0.003), vol.68

. Miliacin, Sample Number (ETH) Amount of 12 Age 14 C BP (± 1s) F 14 C (± 1s)

, 008) 1386-1340 BC (11.5%) 1317-1116 BC (56.7%) 1438-996 BC (95.4%) 1330.AL10

, c F 14 C: fraction modern, F 14 C = exp(-14 Cage/8033)

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